activation help, please

I am new to Macs (brand spanky new), as in two days. I have downloaded Scrivener and followed the instructions to drag and drop the download into the Application Folder (it’s there). I installed the extras by clicking on that link provided. When I clicked on Scrivener, I bought it, got the confirmation email, plugged in the number given me and everything seemed fine. But when I click on the Scrivener logo in the Apps folder, only an icon appears at the bottom. The program does not open. Clicking on the icon does not work. I have tried right-clicking on the Scrivener icon in the Apps folder (and chose “open” when given those options), but all that did was put yet another icon at the bottom of the screen. Right clicking on that icon (bottom one) gives me options like “Quit” or “Hide” – but doesn’t open the App.

Am I missing a step here? (Probably something obvious to people used to a mac?) Or is it an issue with Scrivener? If the latter, what do I do next?



Okay, as soon as I posted that, I found the answer and it’s fixed. So, er, thanks.

Hi Toni,

Thanks for buying! I’m glad you got this worked out. This confuses a few users when first using Scrivener, to the extent that the next update has a start panel (similar to the one in iMovie or iWeb) to orientate the new user.

All the best,