Activation issue on launch

Good day. On my laptop, whenever I launch Scrivener, I get a message that the app has been unable to be activated, and that in 3 months it will cease to function. Unfortunately the warning provides no guidance to fix the issue. I don’t have this issue when I launch the app on my desktop computer. I have been unable to find how to resolve this.

Please look at one of the many other threads on this topic in the forum for information; posts near the ends of the threads will have the most current info. This problem results from the registration-checking service that Scrivener had been using going out of business, so that they had to switch quickly and without a lot of warning to a different one, which seems to have a lot of problems.

I’m ashamed to admit I hadn’t thought of that. It’s also coming back to me that there was an issue. Thank you, David

No problem. I’m no slouch at forgetting to look in obvious places. Ask my wife. :slight_smile: