Activation Key Problems x 2

Hello, I’ve recently converted from PC to Mac so I’ve been a user of Scrivener in the PC format for years and love it. Bought a used Mac that runs El Capitan (it will not update higher, believe me, I tried). So, I bought Scrivener 2 from Amazon, and got an activation code from LandL that came through my receipt. It did not work. I sent an email and was sent back a notice saying it may take days to hear back and it gave me a link for a page on the LandL site, which is no longer active. sigh - I started looking around the forums and found two possible solutions, 1)To use Safari instead of Firefox to drop the code into the boxes. (didn’t work) 2) To download 2.9 and use my SCRIV3 code (which is the one I was sent even though I purchased SCRIV2) - I didn’t get an invalid code, it gave an error code. Either way, I still can’t use the software. What do I need to do to untangle this mess. I love Scrivener and don’t want to resort to writing books in another writing software. Help me, Tech Support Kenobi, you’re my only hope.