Activation Problem

I’ve got Scrivener installed under Zorin 15 with Wine. All seems to be well until I get to register the product. I enter my registration code, there’s a long pause and then I get a message saying it can’t access the registration server.

Is this a known problem or have I missed something in my setup?


David Smith

It is a very known problem.

I don’t know if anyone has been able to use the license on Linux after they had installed a new system needing umpteen modules which sometimes work in Windows when the moon is right. It possibly checks for operating system and throws you out if you aren’t running Win10 with the correct trinkets.

(sorry for rant. I’ve been using Scrivener on wine after they discontinued the Linux beta and now I fell for license bomb and non-working program. I’m raging. I feel cheated. gives an older version for download.

(BTW I couldn’t get it to work according to the directions on the page, but when I simply run the install in a subdirectory of my home directory I got it working)

You need to install dotnet 4.5. Once you do and enter your key, it’ll act like it’s hanging. Close Scrivener. Open it, and if you check to see if it’s registered, it’ll give you an option to deactivate, which would indicate that it’s activated. I’m also using wine-staging 4.15.