Activation Required after Update 1.6.1

During the first program launch after the update to 1.6.1, I received the message in the attachment. It seems an activation was required which wasn’t in previous updates. Should I be concerned?

No, this is nothing to worry about. Some code changes went into the registration and activation functionality, so it’s not surprising you’d see this pop-up on launch if it’s been a while since Scrivener last did a background activation check. Once you’ve completed the activation now it will go quietly into the night (or something like that) so you can return to work as normal.

Ah. Thank you. :slight_smile:

I had the same problem, but am unable to complete the registration. After entering my serial number, the program informs me that I need to register online, but when I attempt to do that, it asks me for a 10-part Activation Key. I don’t have one and have no idea how to get one.

You have a generous amount of activations, too. I went through 3-4 wine prefixes in one day (like a fresh windows install each time), and we (my SO) and I were fine.

After entering your serial you do need to activate, but you shouldn’t be asked for the activation key unless the initial online activation doesn’t work and you have to choose an offline method. Could you drop a note to AT literatureandlatte DOT com with the email used for your licence and the steps that are coming up when you try to register and activate? Screenshots would be extra helpful here (just use the PrintScreen key to take the snapshot, then paste into MS Paint and save as a file to attach to your email) so we can be sure we’re clear on what’s going on get this sorted out for you quickly.

I’m having the same problem, and I sent you an email with the details.

Curiously, when I try entering my registration code, the activation window converts my M’s to N’s. Then, of course, the code errors out as invalid. Now Scrivener is unusable on that machine.

I don’t remember having to re-register after earlier updates. Having this happen the night before Nanowrimo is particularly unfortunate.

Is this happening when you paste into the text field or when you type directly? The latter could be explained by having accidentally switched the keyboard layout or input language in Windows (which is done per-window) but I can’t see that affecting the paste. That’s the only idea I have off the top of my head for what might be causing it, although it could be something like an antikeylogger or other software that intercepts the text input before it displays, although I’ve never seen this in the registration box (and I’d expect more would be garbled than just Ms and Ns…).

You might want to try downloading and installing the special NaNoWriMo trial version from here as a backup plan, given the imminence of NaNo. That uses a different trial period, etc. so should still be work until Dec 7 regardless of the registration/activation state of your other version. Obviously we still need to get your regular copy running normally again, but the NaNo trial will at least ensure you can open your project and get working on it while that’s being sorted.

I tried to copy-and-paste the code but the fields were broken up into a bunch of little boxes, so that didn’t work. I ended up typing it directly and very carefully. I kept trying to fix the N’s–that drove me a little crazy.

Your suggestion that I download the trial version and use that sounds good. Will there be any problem with a trial version on my netbook and the original (un-updated) version on my desktop computer? I keep the working files in Dropbox, with backup copies elsewhere.

There won’t be any problem working between the NaNo trial and 1.6 on the other machine. There’s no limitation in the functionality of the trial, it just has the time limit, and the NaNo trial is essentially 1.6 with the special Dec 7 expiration date. (It has a couple of the fixes that are in 1.6.1, but not the full set since it was released several weeks ago.) Working between them won’t be any different from working between two registered copies.

I think though I may have misunderstood what you’re seeing when you try to register and activate. I was assuming you were looking at the “Registration” window, which asks you to enter your Serial Number Name and Serial Number; it has just those two text fields, both pretty long, where you’d copy and paste from your confirmation email. Your description of there being a bunch of little boxes sounds like a different window entirely. Are you seeing this one?

That’s not going to accept your registration serial number in any case, but if that’s what you’re seeing then we need to figure out why it’s showing up. Doug Shaver said this earlier, but I didn’t realise you were replying to that specifically about this happening to you, so I apologise for wandering off track a bit. After updating to 1.6.1, what was the chronology of the registration/activation windows you saw? Was there ever a message indicating that eSellerate couldn’t connect to the network or otherwise prompting offline activation?

I never did see the registration window you describe. I think there was some sort of notice about eSellerate. I was in a coffee shop at the time and wasn’t sure if I’d automatically logged onto their network or not. (Turns out I hadn’t.) So then the Product Activation window came up, the one you are displaying above.

At that point I was unclear about the difference between registration and activation–still am, in fact–so I used the terms interchangeably. Incorrectly, I now see.

Thanks for prompt response, Jennifer.

The online response does not work for me. When I try it, the program tries to initiate a dialup Internet connection, which I do not have.

I will contact support by e-mail, as you suggested.

Completely understandable, since the two go hand and hand and pretty much look like one action when you’re doing it; it was just a distinction helpful for me to realise because code-wise they’re different things. The first step is registering, which is when you enter your serial number and name into the program, and Scrivener does some stuff with it. The second step, immediately following, is activating, which isn’t really Scrivener doing things but the eSellerate client connecting with their server to verify your licence info. That part requires an internet connection, and if one isn’t found (or if eSellerate can’t access it because of a proxy server or firewall) you normally get a message saying so, which then leads into options for offline activation and walks you through the necessary steps. I’ve never seen it go immediately to that screen of asking for the activation key without first all the instructions that explain how to get it.

In your case, since you initially tried the activation where you presumably didn’t have network access at the time, the problem might be solved just by taking your computer back to your home network, ensuring you’re connected to the internet, and then launching Scrivener. It will presumably pop up the note about needing to activate, and since you’re online clicking OK should then just let it run for a minute to do that and then give you the all clear. If it doesn’t work, try closing Scrivener, then actively disconnecting from the internet, and then launching again. Click OK to the activate message and let it try and fail. It should then bring up a message stating it “Could not connect to network…” with the options to Retry or Cancel. Press Cancel and then follow the instructions from step 5 in this walkthrough for offline activation to try generating the activation key and pasting that in.

If you don’t get that “Could not connect” message, could you take a screenshot of whatever you do see and let me know the exact steps leading to getting it, e.g. at what points you disconnected or reconnected to the internet, if you had to enter your serial number and name again, etc. Like I said, I’ve never seen it skip the instructions before, so we may need to bump this over to eSellerate for their help, and the more we can explain about what’s happening for you guys, the better they’ll be able to help.

Doug Shaver, could you try the above as well and likewise let us know precisely what message you’re getting when you try to activate? Screenshots are the best, since you don’t have to try pecking out the obscure error codes that some of the messages contain, and it ensures we get the exact text–some messages for different errors are very close in wording, so it will help us track down the internal error better if we can reference the wording precisely. You can post it here or as a follow-up email with the support team. Thanks!

I went through the walkthrough for offline activation. Everything is fine now. Thank you very much, Jennifer.

Great, I’m glad that sorted it!