ACTUAL Word Count

I am a charter user of Scrivener but always struggle with seeing ACTUAL word count in the outlner and in scrivenings. The apparent number INCLUDES annotations, etc. I know I can click at the bottom of a scrivenings or draft session to see the ACTUAL word count w/o annotations, but why can’t I get that same number in the Outliner? When there are a lot of annotations, the word count is very misleading and in a book length work, can be off by thousands of words.

I have looked everywhere, including in this forum, but don’t find a solution to what must be a common question for many.

Any ideas?

In the user manual, under §20.1, there is a bullet list that runs down all of the statistics and tracking features in Scrivener. The first on the list is project Statistics, which is going to be your best bet. That’s the only way to get an accurate word count in a program that can change the word count when you export. Consider that the compiler can leave some chunks of text out, or add headings to text, let alone strip out annotations and so forth: there is no way to calculate all of that on the fly while you write (and you’ll see that illustrated from the amount of time it takes to run a count).

You can read more about the feature itself in §20.1.3, starting on page 502.