Adaptive Titles that ignore the Synopsis

So I am using Scrivener for script writing.
Normally, I do not type the title of the file because is Auto Adapts it from the first line of the file, which in my case is always the SCENE HEADING.
Life is good.
However, if I add a synopsis to a file, suddenly the binder is now using the text from the synopsis for the adaptive title rather than the first line of my actual text.
Life is less good.

Is there no way to have the binder IGNORE the sysnopsis if I want the title to be adapted from the first line of the file?

Also, before you ask - there is a very good reason for not explicitly typing out the title of the file (scene) - it changes. I may change the time of day of the scene, or perhaps add detail to the location, etc. By using the adaptive title feature, the binder title ALWAYS matches the scene heading automatically, and I do not have to remember to copy and paste the scene heading.

But…if i have added a synopsis well, it’s all over but the crying.


Hi robodean. I can think of a few ways you can work around this.

The first is: You don’t necessarily have to write your synopsis text into the synopsis field.

If having Scrivener show the first line of the document as an adaptive title is critical to your workflow, you can use the Notes field in the inspector panel below the synopsis instead. Those notes can be included or excluded from the compile as needed.

The other option–and probably the one I’d use–is to highlight that first scene heading and then use the Documents > Auto-Fill > Set Selected Text as Title command.

If you later change the scene’s title, you can use that command again or the Documents > Auto-Fill > Clear Title command to remove that title from the document.

It’s still a couple of steps to remember to use, but I’ve found that I prefer having an actual title for each document if I need to use the project search tools to find specific passages or character names. Otherwise, I might have a hard time determining which scene is which if they have similar names.


thanks ruth. much appreciation. happy face with thumbs up.

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