Add a border to some text

Is there another way to add a border to some text than inserting a table with 1 row and 1 column and then reducing the size of the cell so you get the following example ?

If not, is there a way to get a thinner cell border than 1 px ?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

In Scrivener, the only way to add a border is to create a table.

A pixel is an “atomic” unit. It’s not possible to split them into smaller pieces. So no, it’s not possible to create a border less than one pixel thick.

Thank you very much for this quick answer.

PS : Sorry I meant “pt”…

…to get thinner border (like in some other softwares) :

My suggestion would be to create a style for the types of phrases that need this treatment. You won’t be adding such details at any point in Scrivener, but after you compile to desktop publishing or a word processor, having them all styled will mean it is simple to add the border to such styled text, in one move.

Interesting ! Thank you for the tip.