Add a line break, a second line in Binder items?

Can you add a line break, a second line in these elements in the Binder:

If you mean the title as it shows in the Binder, I was going to say No, but then I actually tried it, and it turns out you can! What you have to do is create a two-line title, either in a Scrivener document or elsewhere, then copy it to the clipboard and paste it into the title field in the Binder. It won’t look like the lines are breaking when you paste it, but when you press Enter, it will indeed display as two lines. It will not do so, however, in the title bar of the document itself in the Editor.

In fact, I’ve created titles with up to seven lines; I don’t know if there’s any limit. Somewhat paradoxically, you have to increase the width of the Binder to display more than two lines, but they do show up.

Thank you very much, David,

I hadn’t even had the idea to try it out. Yes, it works with me like you describe it, great.

Yes, that is really weird, the bigger the width the more lines Scrivener shows. actually the reason I wanted to have a line break in the title was to be able to see the entire title with a minimal Binder width, so increasing the width would make the line break(s) needless, respectively less practical, I guess.

Many thanks again.

On a Mac, you can press ALT ENTER to create a return / line break in a Binder item.

I expect there must be a similar key combination in Windows. SHIFT ENTER, perhaps.

Thank you.

Does not appear to work on Win, cannot find any key, shortcut doing it.

Thanks again

That’s too bad! It’s really a shame when the success itself fails, so to speak!

Ah, a platform difference.

Happy writing.

Ctrl-Enter is the typical suspect in native Windows apps like Office, but I have no idea what the Qt 4.0 framework surfaces. You may need to create the desired lines in Notepad and then paste them in.

Yes, yes, it is, although the approach was good. Thank you again.

Yes, obviously it is or I do not press the right keys. Thank you.

Thank you, I guess, I will leave it at that, it obviously would not work as expected anyway.