Add a plus sign to the drop down list for bullet points

Hi there, I know that if I click the little arrow next to the bulleted list in the menu bar, I can go to other, and insert a +, which will create a bulleted list with pluses instead of bullets.

But is there any way to add a plus sign into the drop-down menu itself, so that I can then assign a keyboard shortcut to it? The organization I’m writing for likes all their bullet points as plus signs, which is super annoying, so I’m hoping there’s a way to make this a little easier than manually doing it all the time.


You could probably use a Replacement to do this at Compile time.


You can create a shortcut that opens the custom-list pane to speed things up a little.

In …

Apple > System Preferences… > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts > Scrivener

… assign a shortcut for:

Format->Lists->Custom List…

I assigned SHIFT OPT CMD EQUALS so that my fingers are already in place to type SHIFT PLUS to enter the PLUS sign in the prefix panel (on a British–English keyboard).


I was about to suggest this too but I tried it before. And to my surprise it didn’t work.

I used the black square and while it got replaced when it was placed just randomly in the text it was not when being an actual bullet.

This was such a helpful response! I even improved upon it: I set up the keyboard shortcut as you described in System Preferences, and then I also set up a macro on my Kinesis keyboard and that invokes the shortcut, inserts the + character, and then hits enter. Now all I have to do is hit control 8 and I get my plus-sign bullet points!