Add ability to remove items from Collections via the Outliner

After loading a collection into the Outliner, the Binder can be hidden and the collection used directly in the Outliner.

Unfortunately, I cannot remove items from the Outliner view. Therefore, to remove an item I need to first enable the Binder and Collections and navigate to the Collection and then to the item I want to remove.

It would be a lot more convenient if I could just remove the item from the Outliner.

Thanks for your consideration.


This should already be working (in both Corkboard and Outliner). The Delete key does not remove items from the collection for you?

By the way you can skip the open binder - select collection - load in editor - close binder routine: right-click in the editor header bar’s icon and you’ll find a “Go To Collection” submenu.

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Thanks Amber.

The delete key did remove the item from the Collection, but it also sent it to Trash. :slight_smile: But as I always use right-click to Move to Trash, I’ve since disabled that shortcut.

It’s possible that wasn’t a default shortcut to begin with, and maybe I added it? I don’t remember.

Regardless, thanks, I’m good with using Del!

Oh that’s slick - I never noticed it! After awhile, I guess I stop seeing the things I never use. :frowning:


I’ve never tried setting the trash command to Del like that, but I suppose if one did there could be a double-mapping issue as the Del behaviour is hard-coded into various list views. At any rate, I don’t see that behaviour with the Move to Trash shortcut set to something else (I use Ctrl+Backspace).

The default is Ctrl+Del by the way.