Add an image/photo to a character sketch?

I did a search through the Scrivener Tutorial, and one here as well. I didn’t find anything…maybe I used the wrong search term, but what I want to do is attach images to my character sketches. Is there a way to do that? Thanks n advance for any help.

You can save an image in the Synopsis.


Thank you! I don’t normally use the Synopsis window, I had to look for it to find the icon! :blush: Is there a good video tutorial on all the functionality of Scrivener? I know I don’t use it to its fullest, but I’m not a “post-it” note person or “cork-boarder” - although I am sure there are a LOT of things I would use if I knew how…

Thanks again - I appreciate it. :smiley:

Coleen -

You’re very welcome. If you haven’t gone through the built-in tutorial, I would definitely recommend doing that.