Add an option to save Filter settings with a compile preset

I can understand why you don’t save it, but it would be really handy (as an option) to save the current Filter settings with a compile preset. For reference, let me explain what I’m doing.

The more time goes on, the more the “write once, publish everywhere” philosophy begins to fall apart, if it ever truly existed. Amazon didn’t pick ePUB. Everyone else has co-opted it to their own evil wills. No standard is forthcoming.

Scrivener is the closest I have seen to taking a novel to the various formats with little or no hassle, and you guys should certainly be commended for that. Even if all the various publishing platforms were to decide on a standard, which they won’t, they still have rules in place that make it hard on us poor self publishers.

Aside from different output formats, which do get saved with compile presets, each platform has a requirement that you cannot link to another vendor from your ebook. iTunes will kick you out if you have a link to Amazon in your book and vice-versa. I’ve read on the forum somewhere that the suggestion to fix this is to create a separate document (of other works links or what have you) for each platform and then just include the right documents when you compile for the various platforms.

This seems reasonable enough, and what I’ve done is to create a collection for each vendor. Then, when I go to compile, I choose my preset, select “Filter by Documents in the Amazon Collection”. Boom. I have a book ready to go to Amazon with links all pointing to Amazon and very little back matter because of their recent app changes.

Which is a long way of saying I want to save that filter with a preset and then just choose “Compile for Amazon” and go to bed. The longer point of this is that, much like the browser wars of the 90’s and 00’s (BEST VIEWED IN IE5!), we’re going to be dealing with this for a long time. These vendors have no incentive to cooperate and are in fact vicious competitors in an ever-growing market.

Scrivener does an awesome job of outputting the various formats needed for all these yay-hoos. If we can’t bake more of this into Scrivener itself (built-in presets for major vendors, anyone?), having the ability to save all the little knobs and dials is the next best thing. That way, I can build a preset with all my vast Scrivener expertise (heh) and then just hand it to a friend and say, “Choose this preset and hit Compile, you’re ready to upload to Amazon.”

Or you could bake in a programming language, and I could just write compile scripts. Is that too much to ask?! :slight_smile:

The trouble is that filters won’t work across projects, because they are based on project-specific settings (collections and suchlike).

Regarding links, though, I have it on my list to allow for replacements inside links, so that you could handle that sort of thing in the Replacements pane in future.

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I figured someone would have asked for that by now. I guess I was looking for ideas for a broader solution to this problem, as it’s going to continue to be a hassle. My goal was to try and help people who don’t really understand all the bits.

Thanks for the update.

I actually have a very similar problem but without the issue of Amazons or Apple’s standards. For today I only export into PDF, but there are a few variations of the content I’d like to be able to export (say a summary PDF with only a few sections and a “complete” PDF with almost everything).

Very little changes between the two, so it’s easy enough to just (un)click a whole bunch and re-compile. However, it feels like a waste of time and gets frustrating when I’m making small tweaks and re-compiling previews constantly during the wind-down to distribution.

It’d be nice if (per project) I could save multiple output configurations for each output file type (complete with sections to be included and unique meta-data).

It’d be ideal if a pre-defined collection of output configurations were built each time I click the “compile” button. For me that might simply be 2~3 PDFs, but for others they could create their iBooks, Kindle, e-Pub or any other formats with each compile rather than needing to compile each one individually.

Instead of un-ticking, why not filter by a collection? That’s much quicker.

I just saw another post going over the details for using collections for that purpose. A little later I’ll be trying that out, but it sounds like collections will solve the problem for quickly switching between subsets to compile.

I’m still going to say it’d be nice if there were a way to define a collection of outputs so that clicking compile made all of the outputs I’m looking for rather than needing to do it one at a time.