Add AutoHide Feature for Binder


I’m using the Scrivener for Windows 3 Beta and I’d like to suggest adding an “AutoHide” feature for the binder. Such that moving your mouse to the left activates the binder (similar to autohiding the taskbar at the bottom in windows) and moving the mouse away again would allow it to slide away out of sight.

Perhaps this could be a configurable feature in the options.

Thanks for your consideration!


Um…Ctrl+Shift+B under View->Binder?

That’s not auto-hide though, isn’t it.

I wouldn’t rule it out. We have this on the Mac (as well as for the Inspector on the right side of the screen), and the only reason it wasn’t on the list for v3 is that all of that is wrapped up in an operating system level feature that removes all desktop UI and puts the software on its own virtual desktop. So to fully emulate the idea, we’d have to do some reinvention to get up to that base line first, before adding the frills to it like slide-away sidebars.

No, but neither is the moving of the mouse method (not really) - you still have to do something to make it happen. When writing, your hands are on the keyboard, so the keybinding is faster than locating the mouse and moving it away from the Binder to hide it. But, that is just me. As noted as well, it is something built into the Mac version that is an OS-specific feature. I don’t use it either way.

Yes, I am aware of this feature, but just moving the mouse to the side (for me) would be more convenient. Then it’s “set and forget”.

Well the way we have it designed is not mouse-dependent. That is certainly one way to trigger the panel into opening, but use of the keyboard shortcuts to move keyboard focus into either sidebar will also open it, and it will close once you use a shortcut that puts your focus elsewhere. Meanwhile the visibility toggle shortcuts continue to work in a persistent fashion, taking space out of the window itself rather than sliding out over it, for those that want a little more control.

As for whether that is “automatic”, I don’t know what else it could be referred to. I’ve always understood “auto-hide” to indicate that one is taking an action on an element that is hidden, without themselves changing the visibility state of that element. It’s one action instead of three, and thus it is the two extra actions (the show and hide commands) that are relegated to automation. I don’t quite understand what it would mean to vanquish the third action—the thing you actually want to do in the panel that is auto-hidden. To me it feels like that would be approaching a Zen-like state of interface usage.