Add blank line between paragraphs

I have JUST started with Scrivener. I am trying to create a simple NonFiction template and I wish to preset paragraphs. Could anybody explain how to add one blank line after each paragraph? Many thanks. 8)

Do you mean a real blank line (i.e. two physical returns after each paragraph) or the dummy white space which Word and other programs can add automatically (i.e one physical return after each paragraph).

If it’s the latter, then there should be a menu item called Line and Paragraph spacing (on the Mac it’s under Format > Text. Not sure about on Windows). There’s also a dropdown list on the format bar (a vertical double arrow between two horizontal lines). If you select the Other… option, it will bring up the same dialogue box, where you can choose the amount of dummy white space to be added before or after a paragraph.

These will only work for the selected paragraphs. To set them by default in future, then you can set in the Preferences (Options) – not sure exactly where it is exactly on Windows. On the Mac it’s under Formatting, above the dummy text.

Sorry I don’t have the Windows version handy, but hopefully this will help you to find the feature yourself.

I’ve just installed the Windows version to check. The menu item you want is Format > Text > Spacing…

Many thanks! I will tweak… it should be easy… //