Add button-character sketch

I thought I’d learned that I could create a character sketch (or setting) by clicking the Add button and choosing from a drop down menu. However, my drop down menu doesn’t include either. I know I can cut and paste, but it’s a bother for the amount of characters I’m using especially if there is a nifty little trick that I’m just not doing right.
I’m using Windows, BTW.

The “New from Template” command you’re referring to is specific to the Mac version at this point, so on Windows you’ll want to select the original template file in the binder and then use the Documents > Duplicate command (Ctrl+D) to create a copy, then move that to where you want it in the binder. You could use Ctrl+D to make a bunch of blank copies and move them as a group so they’re ready then for you to fill out.

That’s too bad. It’s no biggee, but I do so love Scrivener’s multitude of tricks. :smiley: