Add Comment buttons sometimes greyed out

The + and - signs for Comments & Footnotes are greyed-out unpredictably when editing a document. The workaround is to convert a folder to a file or vice versa. Notes now work. If you then convert back to the original document type (folder or file) notes still work. Running Scrivener for Windows v

The same problems seems to be have been raised in 2014 on this thread and subsequently fixed.


All work being done is on the v. 3 Beta. They will not be going back to eliminate bugs in v. 1.9.



Fair enough.

I thought I remembered reading a post recently that implied they might fix particularly egregious bugs in 1.9 once 3.0 is released (presumably any that would affect properly upgrading to 3.0, but that was implied not stated) but after nearly 30 minutes of searching, I can’t find it.