Add custom columns in outline mode

I beta-d, I fell in love, I bought it! This is a groundbreaking app!javascript:emoticon (’:D’) Besides already using Scrivener for : 1) video scriptwriting; 2) blog article development; 3) planning a new web app, I have now discovered how intuitive it is for 4) [color=red]website planning (index card model is classic!).

[color=red]MY WISH : The option of creating custom columns where I could then apply my customized attributes like I can already do with the dropdown STATUS and LABEL lists.

[color=blue]EXAMPLE : I’ve outlined a site for a client and using the editable Status and Label values, indicated what is a Web page, PDF document, audio file, etc. I would take that further to break out page elements as “chunks” of PHP or other discrete code if I had another column in which I could do this…

For the (perhaps far) future-features wishlist! Thanks!

Have you tried using keywords to accomplish this? They work well as sub-categories for me, especially in conjunction with saved searches.

Thanks for your kind words about Scrivener. :slight_smile: As Amber says, rather than user-customisable outliner columns, keywords would be a good way of achieving this - this is actually the sort of thing for which they were implemented.
Let me know if keywords work for you,

Good suggestion; will start with that. Ultimately, I may need “deeper” tagging structure than 3 levels (Type, Status, Tag) due to the nature of the beast… Thanks! :slight_smile: