Add documents to Customize Toolbar area

Is there anyway to add some specific documents to the Toolbar area? I’m cleaning up a huge mess between three unique projects and need to go back and forth between documents (projects). I’d like to just click the icon in the menu and have it open up. Any suggestions are appreciated.

No, that wouldn’t really make sense in the context of the application, as a toolbar relates to the contents of the window it is attached to, and what you are asking would have the toolbar operate on a level beyond that, at a level more appropriate to the Finder or the operating system itself. Documents should in general be ignorant of that level of operation on your computer. So that would in fact be my advice to you: the Finder is a good file management tool, one of the best out there in my opinion. At the very least, you could make a folder on your Desktop and just leave it open as a small window (if you turn off Finder toolbars, it makes the window more compact and useful as a utility). You can then drop aliases of the projects you are currently frequently working on into this window. Just drag and drop them from their original location with the Option and Command keys held down. This will not move them, it will create a shortcut or alias to them, and is a way of elevating favourites or grouping things by a secondary axis from their original organisation (for example, by topic may be how you sort projects, but this would be a workflow axis).

The File/Recent Projects/ sub-menu should also be helpful if you are primarily rotating between these three projects.