"Add File from Internet" and some other minor suggestions...

Hi —

I just started using Scrivener; less as book writing tool, but rather as research tool to collect ideas, research notes and associated files for project work. It’s doing quite well for that purpose!

I noticed the following little things when using Scrivener:

  • There is “Add Files” and “Add Website” for research files. However, I am missing an “Add file from Internet” function. Most times, I want to add a single file (PDF, SVG, PNG,…) rather than an entire website. Could the “Add file” function be extended to support a file download from an http address? Or a separate function “Add file from Internet”?
  • When I enable the setting to use the “Insert” key to toggle between Insert/Overwrite, I cannot see a visual indication of the current mode - can this be added? Either an indication in the status bar (“Ins/Ovr”) or a toggle of the cursor style (block vs underscore) would be nice.