Add file on iPhone

Hello everyone,
Is there a way to add a file at a specific place of the binder, using the iPhone?
I have a long flat binder structure. When adding a document it gets created at the bottom of it, meaning I have to move it manually all the way up (“move to” doesn’t work since I have the flat structure). I can’t mark a document beneath the new one should be added, can I?

Firstly, if you have a larger iPhone, try tipping it sideways. If your model is supported, the screen will split to show a binder on the left side and an editor on the right. If you’ve ever used it on an iPad then you’ll probably know how this works. If not, just tap on the thing you want to select, and you’ll get a grey highlight. The + button will now add the new item directly below this selection. With a keyboard you can also move the selection with the arrow keys.

But landscape mode isn’t an option, the principle is the same but you have to create the new item from the editor view, since there is no way to just select in portrait mode. Tap on the item to select, and in the footer bar you’ll find a + button. When you go back to the binder level, you’ll find the new item is added below one you were editing.