add files from research folder to draft


I would like to add some pictures from my research folder to one of the documents in my drafts folder but the program isn’t letting me drag and drop and I also can’t find any menu selections for this.

Thanks for your help!


It depends on how you drop it. If you drop it on the binder folder it won’t work because it is not a text file it is an image file. If you drop it INTO an open text file in the binder it works just fine.


If you drag the image from the Editor to the Document Notes, you will be able to drag and drop it from there to the Binder’s Draft section. It will create a new text file with the image inside, or you may copy and paste it into a Draft’s text file.

As Apollo16 says, you won’t be able to drop an image into the Draft area of the binder, because the Draft area is text-only (the only part of the binder that restricts you to text-only, because it is the part that will be used to compile the actual draft). However, you can drag an image into the editor (text area) of one of the documents in the draft, so that the image is contained inside the text, which is presumably what you want.
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