Add Finder Folder Contents to Binder>Research with updati

I am looking for a way to link a folder in the binder with a folder in the file system so that the contents of the folder when viewed in the binder match the contents of the folder in the file system. Another way to say this might be:

  1. I want to add an alias to the Binder>Research folder
  2. I want to add a “Smart Folder” or saved search that works outside the project.

The point here is to be able to view graphics that will be included in the final product while I am writing the body of the work.

If I realize I need an illustration in the course of typing, I would like to be able to create a high-quality version of the graphic and save it to a folder, then view it from within Scrivener without importing it into the project.

I can get close to the functionality I want by importing a Pages document (which is really a folder) into the Binder. Scrivener is able to extract all the figures and keep them in a folder under “Research”.

I would appreciate any insight into how this might be accomplished

The binder does not support aliases - if you want to have the items in the binder, you have to import them into the project. You can use the references pane of a document, though. So, you could create a folder in the binder, open the inspector references pane, and drag the items you want into the reference pane. You can use that to open the images in Scrivener without importing.

Also, you can just drag any image from the Finder into the header view of the editor pane in Scrivener to view the image in Scrivener without importing.