Add “first-letter” Span Style for Drop Caps Not Working

I’m trying to use the “first-letter” span style add drop caps in my Kindle ebook and I’m not getting the expected results. Under Section Layouts > New Pages I’ve checked the add first letter box. However, I’m not getting any drop caps and my ToC is messed up, showing the span codes as follows…

Any idea why I’m not getting the drop caps and yet my ToC is showing the coding?

I have decided against using drop caps as the formatting changes when the user changes the display font and it’s impossible to make them look good with all fonts.

Drop caps are a little unreliable because not many devices support them.

However, you shouldn’t be seeing that code in your table of contents. Could you please tell me how to reproduce that (I tried but couldn’t get it to happen) or attach a sample project demonstrating this?

Thanks and all the best,

Basically, I followed the directions in this article…