Add Highlights / Color to Binder Items

Separate from the option to “Use Label Color In >”, is it possible to highlight or alter the color of the Binder file names?



I don’t think so; I checked the Appearances section of the Preferences window, and didn’t see any way to change the font color binder text. If you want to have a separate color-coded way to mark individual files aside from the Label color, you can CTRL-click on a file or folder’s icon and change it to one of the colored flags.

Right. Yeah, was thinking of having a more dominant visual cue of a file’s status over there. Maybe I’ll just swap how I use the Labels and Status tags.


Thinking now that might be a bit heavy-handed.

So much for this procrastination…


I’d suggest using the outline mode in one split editor with the status column showing. You can click on a button at the bottom of the outline-mode editor that causes selections in the outline to be opened in the other editor, which is pretty handy; in that way, the outliner can act as an enhanced binder replacement.

That’s pretty cool. Toggle the binder off and see ya later.

Many ways to skin cats in Scrivener! That’s why we’re besties!

Thank you sir…