Add html preserve internal links

I have a local html file with a lot of internal links (to different parts within the same html file).
Back in Scrivener1, I could import the html to the project, all the links were clickable (i.e clicking on them took me to the desired part of the html).
Now with Scrivener3, it no longer works: I import the html (Add->Webpage), the html is added to the project but the links are still there but un-clickable.
How do I make this work again?

Make sure that under Options > Sharing > HTML you have Convert HTML files to Text unchecked. Then:

File > Import > Files
…and click OK on the message about text files being converted to RTF.


Awesome, thanks a lot for the tip.

Follow-up question: is there a limit of the size/length of the html that can be added to the scriv project this way?

Through experiments, I found that an html file of mine can be added & displayed properly when it has upto 11902 lines. If I add one more line, it won’t be displayed in scrivener.