Add "index" to .scrivx filenames

Time and again, people pull the .scrivx file from cloud “backups” or other sources, and are perplexed as to why their project doesn’t contain the text content of all of their binder items.

I humbly submit that a future release of Scrivener start adding the word “index” to the filename of each .scrivx file. “My Best-Selling Novel index.scrivx” would hopefully give people the hint that the file is not the entire contents of the project, and it would make discussing it easier: “The index file is just that; an index of the rest of the project folder.”


I agree, this should be addressed in one way or another. Maybe even one step further:

Covering those cases where cloud “optimization” just leaves seamingly all the correct documents as empty stubs on the local drive.

E.g. If the Binder / index file would save checksums for all documents, Scrivener could alert the user that there’s something wrong, instead of just smiling and opening “nothing”.

This would cover both scenarios, A) there should be a document, but isn’t and B) it seems to be there, but it’s empty, when it shouldn’t be.

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