"Add item" adds Template instead of Blank text


I usually click the big green plus button to add a blank New Text to my project. However, today I clicked on the arrow next to the green button, and selected New From Template > Character Sheet.

That’s all fine, but now whenever I click on the big green plus button is just creates another Character Sheet, when I want to create a blank New Text! Even worse, if I go to a previously created blank New Text, right click and select Duplicate, it just creates another Character Sheet! And EVEN worse, if I go to the drop-down and select New Text, it STILLS creates just another Character Sheet.

If I open another project, this doesn’t happen, but in this particular project (for my novel) it just creates Character Sheets over and over again.

I’ve deleted the entire Templates folder, I’ve emptied the Trash, I’ve restarted Scrivener, I’ve checked it’s up-to-date, I’ve restarted my PC, but no change.

I’ve noted other users have reported the same problem since 2017, most recently in January 2021 (check out the post “When I try and add a blank page of text or a new folder to the binder I get a template page instead”), where it was suggested that “it sounds like that at some point you’ve assigned that template to be the default new document for that folder” and to look for a menu item “Default Template for Subdocuments”, but I can’t find this anywhere.

Please help - and don’t tell me to create a new project and move everything there, because it’s an unreasonable request for something that really should have be an easy fix.


Scrivener Doc menu

I don’t use templates, but I think this is the menu item?


I’m afraid we’ve got different Documents drop-downs.

This forum won’t let me upload a photo or link to an external image site (why???), but here is what my Documents drop-down says:

  • Open >
  • Snapshots >
  • Duplicate >
  • Set Selected Text as Title [greyed out]
  • Move to Trash
  • Split >
  • Merge [greyed out]
  • Group [greyed out]
  • Ungroup [greyed out]
  • Move>
  • Add to Collection >
  • Sort >
  • Convert >
  • Favorites >
  • Change Icon>

Sounds like you’re using version 1, if the menu is that different. If creating a new project dragging documents from one binder to another is too much, how about just using File->Save As? That creates a new copy without you dragging any documents, and may fix the issue.

I tried saving a second Copy with File>Save As, but problem still remains.

The idea of a new project and just dragging documents from one binder to another is a good one - but I noticed when I do that, the custom meta-data I added gets lost on the way, and it will be a lot of work trying to manually re-create it in the new project. So I still need a solution for the original project file.

Can you explain the version thing to me? I’ve had Scrivener since 2018. When I click on “Check for updates” it says it’s up-to-date. The “About Scrivener” section says it’s version 1.9 - 14 Nov 2019. Wouldn’t “check for updates” just automatically update it to the latest version?



This is my Documents menu.

Scrivener (and most non-subscription software) requires payment for major upgrades. If you bought it in the last couple of years, you may be entitled to a free upgrade to v3. Keep in mind that v3 changed compile significantly, among other improvements, so updating your software could be hugely disruptive if you’re in the middle of important work.

I was eligible for a free upgrade. I opened my project in Scrivener 3 and everything seems in place (including meta-data), and the Template issue has been resolved. I was completely unaware there was a new version out.

Thank you for your help!

One would think Literature & Latte would have sent notice of it in their newsletter … but I’ve been subscribed for ten years and never got a single newsletter … despite telling them multiple times, in the forum, that I never get any. I wonder what that’s about?