Add life update for "Edit scrivenings"

selecting multiple notes and editing them with the “edit scrivenings”-feature already useful, but if you change the edited text snippet’s order while you are writing in this mode, you have to select all the snippets again (an press the edit scr. button) in order to see the changes you’ve made. A kind of “life-update”-function would greatly enhance the function of the “edit scrivenings”-feature, because it could be used to test / preview instant changes in the document structure.

Hmm… I certainly see why you would like this, but there are advantages of the current implementation. For instance, you could have an E.S. session open in one pane, lock it, then try reordering the documents and open an E.S. session from the same documents in the other pane. You can then see which you like best by comparing them side by side, and move the documents back again if the first version worked best.

The main reason that E.S. sessions are not dynamic, though, is that on long texts it can take a while to update. So you could see some serious slowdown while dragging your files around if E.S. has to update all the time.

Thanks for your suggestion and all the best,

thanks for the suggestion, but in a long document with multiple texts, I don’t think I could find back to the originlal order anyway. Probably it would be more efficient, if the document sorting order could be included to the snapshot function, as an option?

Nayway - thanks for the immediate answer!

If you are about to engage in a large scale Binder shuffling experiment, it is a good idea to hit Cmd-Shift-S to save a backup of your current project. It takes two seconds – and if you really hate the way you changed the narration, you can revert back to the old version of the project quickly.