Add link... and keyboard shortcut (command-k)

I’ve grown accustomed to the “Command-K” keyboard shortcut for adding/editing a link to selected text in countless applications including Word, Pages, Mac Mail and Gmail. However, I’m constantly caught by surprise when I hit Command-K in Scrivener and it splits the text element I’m in (for which undo does not undo and I have to recover by copying the body of the subsequent text page and paste it back into the original).

I tried editing the global keyboard shortcuts as per instructions in the knowledgebase and couldn’t get Command-K to be the shortcut for add/edit link in Scrivener.

Is there another trick I’m missing?


Just a side note: the easiest way to Undo an unwanted Split command is the Documents -> Merge command. As the name implies, it glues two selected documents together. (In Binder order. That is, the one listed first will appear first in the merged document.)

When editing keyboard shortcuts, make sure you enter the exact name of the menu item you want. Add Link, for example, is really “Add Link…”


Katherine… you’re a genius. Thank you. I’d inadvertantly put “Add link…” with a small-l. I made the change and it now works.

And, thanks for the merge tip, as well.