Add Link doesn't work as expected

(Scrivener, Win 10 Home 64-bit 21H2, O365 for Word, Excel)

If I add a link, e.g. to a .doc or .docx or .xlsm file using Browse for type FILE, it’s OK, but MS Windows paths copied/pasted as text from MS apps don’t work because of a “/” - “” issue + one other problem.

Now, I blame MS for the “/” - “” issue really, but it’s so common standard libraries now take care of such things automatically so no one has to worry about what platform they are coding for, but it seems Scrivener is also treating “” as an escape character that needs to be doubled!

Some examples:

  • if I copy the path from within e.g. Word - which gives me “Z:\Indexable\Poetry\Doggerel variations.doc”, when pasted into the text field it becomes “Z:\Indexable\Poetry\Doggerel variations.doc” after OK’ing the dialog and then editing again. Link doesn’t work

  • From excel the path on the clipboard is e.g. “Z:\Indexable\Prose\The A Effect\TAE Story Grid - Draft 2.xlsm”; pasted into the edit field it looked ok, but in the Scrivener text it appeared (the link was added at an insertion point, not to existing text) as “file://Z:\Indexable\Prose\The A Effect\TAE Story Grid - Draft 2.xlsm” - and thereafter the double \ are in the edit box, as before. Link doesn’t work.

Of course simply fixing the “/” - “” issue isn’t enough: it seems that a valid file link must also be (incorrectly) prefixed with yet another “/” since

“/Z:/Indexable/Prose/The A Effect/TAE Story Grid - Draft 2.xlsm” works, but
“Z:/Indexable/Prose/The A Effect/TAE Story Grid - Draft 2.xlsm” doesn’t

Hope I’ve got that all right, it gets dark as soon as one falls down a rabbit hole.

What happens if you try it with a file path/name that doesn’t have a space in it? Windows uses quotes to preserve the space, and I’m wondering if you take the spaces out, if you ditch the quotes.

The file: hyperlink protocol is supposed to use the // (just like https: does).

Browse for file to link to creates paths with spaces, and both examples - working and non-working for the xlsm path illustrated have spaces, so, yeah, in a command line that would be important but it is seen not to be a consideration here.

Network protocols do indeed use “//” (http, ftp, udp…) , but in the Link dialog the “//” is in the “prefix” outside the text box, so again not a consideration, and within URl’s only single “/” are used.