"Add link..."/"Edit link..." menu item is inconsistent

Scrivener: 2.4.1 (22817)
OS: 10.7.5

(1) Create new Scrivener document
(2) Pull down Edit menu and note the “Add Link…” menu item. Close the Edit menu without selecting anything.
(3) Type ‘qqq’ into the document
(4) Pull down Edit menu again and note the the menu item has changed to “Edit Link…”.

Expected behavior:
Menu item to be “Add link…” unless the cursor is in an already-existing link.

I agree it’s inconsistent, but this one is unfortunately down to Apple. Apple’s menus have some internal (black box) logic that change the “Add Link…” menu item to “Edit Link…” on occasions, and it doesn’t always seem to be accurate. You’ll see the same thing in TextEdit. (Scrivener’s uses Apple’s standard text engine, so some things are out of our control because they were implemented by Apple. Scrivener customises the text system a lot, though. The only way around this one would be to rename the menu item to something entirely different, so that Apple’s code didn’t kick in and switch the name automatically.)

By the way, all of these issues related to links could have been put into a single post. :slight_smile:

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