add link with underscores > epub replaces underscores with /

Steps to repeat:

  1. I highlight text anywhere

  2. click Insert > Add Link

  3. paste web link ( … bhakti.mp3)

I know this is a long link but it works fine.

Expectations: to click link in ibooks epub and see audio file it’s linked to.

What actually happens:

when compiling this to epub the link in ibooks is this:

the underscores are prefixed with / and link is broken

wanted to see if this occurs with anyone else?

I could replicate your issue.

As a workaround (not ideal, I know), I created and used an alternative TinyURL link that doesn’t have any underscores. It compiles and works cleanly.

Slàinte mhòr.

I cannot reproduce this. I’ve checked the code involved and there is a fix in there that avoids adding escape characters before underscores in links, so this shouldn’t be happening. Here’s what I tried:

  1. Created a new blank project in Scrivener 3.0.3.

  2. I added some text, then two empty lines.

  3. I copied your link and pasted it into the editor using Paste and Match Style so that it came in as plain text and as a full link (with underscores in it etc).

  4. I hit return so that the link became a live link.

  5. I exported to ePub 3.

The link appeared as expected, with no escapes.

So could you please provide instructions on exactly how to reproduce this?

Thanks and all the best,

Does the sample project attached help? Compiles as:

[code]<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

The following is a link.

The following is a link.


Slàinte mhòr. (73.3 KB)

That did it! Thanks. Fixed for 3.1.


Looking forward to 3.1’s, ahem, dark side.

Slàinte mhòr.

responding to @KB yes this works for me as well.

However, when I

  1. highlight plain text

  2. then choose Insert from toolbar (with icon of paper clip) > add link

  3. a window pops up where I insert the link.

  4. That text then becomes hyperlinked.

  5. export to epub

  6. click on link in ibooks and issue persists (url looks like this ( … kti/_a.mp3)

can you help me to figure out why this is happening? Or do you mean that this will be addressed in 3.1 release?

Thank you.

Yes, addressed / fixed in 3.1.

Slàinte mhòr.