Add note app for Smart Phones

When I have random notes I think of when not actively writing, I currently email it to myself in Google with a filter for my subject line. Then, when I have time, I copy these over to Scrivener.

I don’t know if you could do a Cloud feature using something like Dropbox, but I would like a feature that takes my random notes and puts it where I want it in my Scrivener files.

Open app on smart phone
I would be able to customize some filter/template for my files. For example, be able to dump note into research folder for specific novel or dump note right into a specific chapter of the novel.
Choose my preset filter/template
Write my note.
Click Save
The file is saved either saved to cloud to download to Scrivener next time I log in. Or file is saved to my phone to link to Scrivener via bluetooth or wireless connection between phone and device I am using Scrivener on.

It would also be interesting to have some automatic templates set up based on my project. For example, if I create a novel project, which contains Chapters 1-10 & a research folder, templates are automatically created that go to Novel->Chapter 1 , etc. And if I have a title/short description for the title of the chapter, it would be helpful for the template to pull that in.

Something you should try is setting the scratch pad location to some place in your Dropbox folder (or really anything that can synchronise files between your computer and phone) (use the Tools/Options… menu, in the General tab). Now, if you have a text editor on your phone that can edit files off of Dropbox, you can add, remove and modify notes. When you return home you’ll find them all in the Scratch Pad window, which can be used to shuffle notes to the intended projects. This method does not require any special “cloud technology” from our side of things, it just makes use of what these services are designed for: letting other programs work together using a common medium, using basic folders and files.

Is this related to the original request? I’m not understanding the connection, if so, but we already have a boilerplate feature, we call it “Document Templates”, and you’ll find it demonstrated in a few of the built-in templates such as the Novel template (check out the character sheets). The interactive tutorial walks you through setting up a new template folder, adding a template and then using it. You’ll also find full documentation in the user manual PDF, §8.5, Document Templates, starting on page 72.

Like I say though, that’s not really related to sharing files with a device. It is something you use inside Scrivener to make creating similar items easier.