Add On Windows License

Dear Amber, et al,

I did some sleuthing in the old posts, and it appears that we must purchase separate licenses if we want to use Scrivener on both Mac and Windows.

That’'s fine, and I was all set to do that…Then I noticed that there is now a dual license available.

I’m a longtime (since 2011) Scrivener user on Mac, but I’ve just purchased a PC laptop for wok on the go.

So my question is, is there an add on price to augment my existing Mac license so I can use Scrivener on Windows as well, or do I need to pay full price (particularly since it’s been nearly three years since my original purchase)?

Either way is fine (not trying to cheap you guys - just want to see if there is another option).

Love the program, and looking forward to cross-platform usage.


Hi Glenn,

We do offer a cross-grade discount of $15 USD for customers who have a regular licence for the current direct-download version of Scrivener on one platform but who wish to supplement this with a licence for the other platform.

If you go to our web store at and look at the product catalogue entry for Scrivener for Windows, you will see a line that says: “If you already own the regular licence of Scrivener 2.x for Mac, please click here for a discount on the Windows version.” If your original licence was a regular licence, then just click on the link (on the words “click here”), supply the email address that you used when buying your original licence, then complete the purchase process. You should see the discount applied correctly in the shopping cart, but please note that you need to use that same email address throughout, as the discount is tied to your registered email address.

If your existing licence is not a regular licence for the direct-download version of Scrivener for Mac, or if you no longer have access to your previous registered email address, please get in touch with us at sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com .

All the best,

Thanks, Astrid.

That worked a treat.