Add option to increase/decrease the indentation of items at each level in the Binder

I noticed in going though the program features that Options contains a way to indent the Binder items as a block, i.e., all together.

What I’d like is the option to increase the amount indent from level to level. That is, to spread out the Binder items horizontally (the horizontal equivalent of increasing line spacing vertically, which is available).

On some systems, and with complex outline structures, the Binder in the RC11 beta is just too tight horizontally to easily see what’s at what level.

Example: Let’s say the program default is to indent each level by 6 points, or 6 px, or whatever the measurement is. A new “Increasing Indent” item would add one unit to the default indent at each level for each click of the button.

This would be similar to the item “Binder and Outliner Extra Indent”, except that this item changes the indent of the whole block, but doesn’t add extra horizontal space to the individual items — doesn’t spread them out.

(Or maybe this Option item was intended to add the extra space to individual items — and doesn’t work as intended?)