Add "Parts" to a Novel template without parts?

Total newb here. I am not sure if I want to include parts in my Novel. Would it be easier to use the Novel (with parts) template and then later if I decide NOT to include the parts, in the compile stage uncheck it and format as… I’m not sure about that step. Or should I use the Novel template (no parts) then later just add a parts folder? If so how do I compile it so it is formatted like the template Novel with parts?

The obvious answer is to decide on one format before starting and stick with it. :smiley:

Thanks for your help.


The Novel With Parts template contains a document (the first one, in fact) named Novel Format which gives you some tips on how to structure your novel and what to do if you change your mind about something. Just create a new project with the template and you’ll find it.

In short, don’t constrain yourself. Templates are just a starting point with useful defaults. You can always have you manuscript formatted later as you see fit.

As r6d2 says, ou don’t have to decide anything up-front at all. Every single template was created from the “Blank” template - each one just provides a bunch of folders and settings that have been set up in a convenient way for a particular task, but you can change any of them at any time. So you can easily restructure a project created from “Novel” to be the same as “Novel with Parts” and vice versa. In the former case, you would just add some extra folders for the parts and move your chapters into them, then choose one of the “with Parts” compile formats when compiling. In the latter case, you would remove the part folders and move the chapter folders up to the top level in the Draft, and choose one of the formats that are not set up for “with Parts”.

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Thanks R6d2 & KB! Appreciate the help. Best.