Add Parts to a Novel

Thanks, I tried looking in the manual but all I could find was the Appendix on tags. (I think that’s a terminological problem as much as it is a didactic one.) However, the online help for place holders had “something” but that was incomprehensible, mixed up, and generally confused. It contains examples that are not in sync with the text. At one point I was rading about <$t> but the accompanying text described <$n> — or the other way around; I’d lost the will to live by then.

I’ll give the rst_ a go and report back.

Yippee! Putting a <$rst_chapter> in the Suffix for Level 1 (my Parts section) gives me what I want. Thanks.

EDIT: Ignore the text below. See rdale’s post below for an explanation!

[size=85]Seems you can alternatively put the <$rst_chapter> tag in the prefix of the level 2 (Chapter) Section Layout settings, just before the <$t_chapter> tag itself.

This, to my addled brain, seems like a more logical place for the instruction tag to be.

But cool that it works either way. Scrivener is so wonderfully flexible.[/size]

Interesting that it works when placed at Level 2 (my Chapters). I would have expected this to reset the chapter number to 1 for every chapter. Or maybe I just don’t understand what it going on with these counters.

The reason you want the chapter numbering reset in the Part prefix is because it only happens once for the set of chapters contained in that part. Putting the chapter numbering reset into the chapter prefix means every chapter will be “Chapter 1”.

Doh! How did I not see/think of that? :blush: :cry: :blush: