Add PDF files error on Ubuntu 14.04

I have a variety of PDF files (image-only scans of books, scanned PDFS with OCR applied and text overlay, PDFs produced from Word or other text files) that I would like to add to my research library in a scrivener project. This is on Ubuntu 14.04, with scrivener beta.

On several PDFs I am getting error messages saying “couldn’t load PDF” (unfortunately the popup error message is not properly displayed in its entirety, but it doesn’t seem to add any specific reason for the error). This applies to all types of PDFs.

Once I open the problematic PDF with evince and print to a new PDF file, it can be imported into scrivener without any problems. This is consistent. On PDFs with text overlay this is not ideal because the text search function gets lost, so I would like to get to the bottom of this.

Has anyone encountered similar problems, and would know what causes them?