Add Recents to Go To> list in Composition Mode

Right now ( 2.8 ) in Composition Mode, hitting the Go To> box brings up the Favorites list and the Binder. It would be great if this would also bring up Recent documents (since Scrivener for iOS I’m a bit addicted to using Recents…).

The Recents feature on iOS is a simplified version of the history functions in the full version. In the main editor header bar there are two history buttons, these work just like in a Web browser, you can even right-click to get a full list for non-linear jumps. Each editor split, as well as composition mode itself, has its own history list. There aren’t any buttons for it in Composition, but the standard Cmd-[ and ] shortcuts work.

The main difference between Composition and the main editors is that its history is temporary. It can be preloaded by selecting multiple items in the binder before going into Composition mode, but otherwise it will start at zero every time you call it up, and track further navigation from that point on while in the session.

Thanks - I use the history outside of Composition Mode in Scrivener for Mac all the time, but I don’t think I’d ever tried the shortcuts in Composition Mode. Still, it would be nice if its history could also pop-up under the Go To> list.