Add References to Multiple Documents

Is there an easy way to add references to the reference tables of several documents at the same time. (or cut references from one document and paste to several).

I know I could just put references I need for multiple docs in the Project references but won’t that create a pretty long list?

I’m just realizing the power of the reference table for the way I work so there might already be a way. (This may belong in Tech Support) But I gave the manual and forum a good shot and couldn’t find one so maybe it’s a wish list.



If you anticipate a lot of shared references, then yes the Project References list might get over-burdened. Depends on your usage.

There isn’t a way to assign a document as a reference to multiple targets at once though. The normal methods of pre-selecting and then right-clicking or dragging a meta-data component (like a keyword) do not work here since dragging items onto other items is an organisational command. Dragging to the Inspector won’t work, because multiple selections do not have “an Inspector”.

I can’t really think of a good UI-only way of doing this. So Copy & Paste accessibility might be a better idea. Two routes seem viable to me; both could be applied to a hypothetical implementation:

  • Select some items in any view and Edit/Copy Special/Copy Documents as Scrivener Links them. This creates a list of linked items in the pasteboard. That would be enough info for the Reference pane to convert them to References. Name & Internal ID.
  • And of course, copying a reference in the inspector and pasting it elsewhere.

Just some ideas; Keith’ll have to say if it has wings or not.