add row to table; jumps to bottom of the table

When I add a row to a table (either before or after the current row), the row is added BUT the cursor jumps to the bottom of the table making me scroll back up to where I inserted the line.

I’m building timelines with data from multiple sources and the “jump down-scroll up” behavior is getting tiresome. Is there some way I can avoid this or is the behavior a bug?

My guess would be that you’re seeing some sort of bug, though it may require some further description of your technique and perhaps a few details of where you are doing this (in a copyholder, Quick Reference pane, main editor, split vertically, horizontally, Bookmarks pane… etc.), what display settings you might be using in that context (Page View, Full Screen mode, Composition, etc.), and anything else you might think relevant.

If nothing comes to a mind, a good way to test a bug is to create a new blank project somewhere temporary, create a table and do some quick tests. Does the behaviour persist in the blank project? If not, start gradually making it act more like your main project, one step at a time, until it breaks.

In my brief testing adding rows above and below the current row resulted zero adjustment to the cursor position. It remained precisely where I left it in the original row I inserted from.