Add Save button to toolbar

Is there a way to add a Save button to either toolbar? I tried under Customize but did not see one.

What do you need it for? Scrivener automatically saves the current project every time you stop writing for a few seconds. It’s not like Word, where you need to keep saving continuously.


As Lunk points out, ‘Save’ in Scrivener is done automatically. You really don’t need to concern yourself about it.

What you do need to concern yourself about is making sure you understand how Scrivener Backups work.

Have a look at section 7.11 “Backing Up Your Work” and Appendix B9 “Backup” and B12 “Saving” in the Scrivener manual, so you understand the difference between Backups and Save. Only a few pages, and it may make the difference between losing a few hours vs. a few months of work if you have a disk or project error.

You may also want to read through this post, which has a thorough discussion of backups: [url]]

I realize the above wasn’t what you were asking, but I hope that it helps,

Thanx much, all I needed.