Add "Select sentence" to the CLICK / DOUBLE-TRIPLE CLICK sequence

I would like to suggest / request that the “Select Sentence” feature be added to the Click / Double-Triple(etc.)-Click rotation such that triple-clicking (or whatever) would select an entire sentence. You already have the functionality in your EDIT->SELECT->SENTENCE menu. It would just be handy to also have it available as one of the cycled options in the CLICK-select sequence.

Thanks for your consideration.

(Alternately, could you at least put the SELECT->(…) menu set in the right-click menu so it’s quicker / easier to get to?)

The idea is that if you prefer to use any of these menu commands, you can add a keyboard shortcut. I use ⇧⌘7, bound to the variant that includes the space following a sentence.

As far as I can tell OP is on Windows, so, this doesn’t apply. Even the v3 on Windows doesn’t allow us to assign shortcuts for those.

Thanks, I’ll make a note of that so keyboard access can be added. The commands themselves in menus aren’t as convenient as just selecting with the mouse, otherwise.

Yes, and my wish is really to just add sentence selection to the Click/Click-Click rotation that people automatically do to select word / line / whatever. It can be the last one, that would be fine. Then it wouldn’t bother anybody else I wouldn’t think.

Alternately, I guess it would be nearly as convenient to simply add the EDIT->SELECT menu to the right-click menu, then you could at least put your mouse where you wanted it, and then right-click to select it. That would also have the advantage of including the other lesser-used selection variants too.

One of the maxims I keep hearing tossed around for Scrivener is that it’s for writing and not a “word processor” per see, so don’t expect “word processor” features-- to which I would point out, selecting by sentence (etc.) seems to fit that maxim much more than it doesn’t. :slight_smile:

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