Add Selection to Auto-Complete List


When right clicking some text and releasing on the item -Add Selection to Auto-Complete List- Scrivener does nothing of the sort.
Is this a known bug, or am in I swimming in the waters of user error once again.



This is working for me - when I checked Project > Auto-Complete List… after trying this, the selection appeared there. Could you please provide the steps to reproduce?



Using Scrivener 2.2, Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 MacBook Pro.

I right click a selection of words and release on Add Selection to Auto-Complete List. I check Project > Auto-Complete List… Selection does not appear.

It’s worth noting, when I try this with a single word, everything works fine. When I try it with multiple words, it does not. Most of my Auto-Complete entries are in fact phrases and names of people and institutions etc. ie multiple words.

Thanks for looking into it.

Ah, okay, I can reproduce it when I select multiple words. I’ll look into this for 2.2.1, thanks.
All the best,