add text template

In Scrivener, we can create template projects. And this is fine…

I also use some text files or document files or container files with pre-written subjects in notes areas or text areas. For this I create a text file that I duplicate. This is not very handy.

It would be useful if we could save a text file as a template and then have it in the list on the “ADD button” or after NEW TEXT, NEW FOLDER.

Easy is for you, Keith, no ?


I’m not sure why duplicating isn’t very handy? I think this is the perfect use for “Duplicate”…

In my oppinion, it’s not very handy because :

  • this creates empty files in the binder and in outliner or index card views which break the reading flow of my structure.

  • duplicate means that I have to create a file by clicking on the empty file template somewhere in the binder AND take my mouse to drag and drop it at the right place of my structure.

Why not just have a “Templates” folder somewhere in the binder?

At any rates, I am afraid I will not be adding this feature, certainly not in the foreseeable future, as I just don’t see it as something I want to hard-code into Scrivener. Also the feature-set is now completely locked for 1.1 and that following that the onus will be on bug fixes rather than new features for a little while. Sorry.

Thanks for the suggestion, though!

Draws up a plan, sticks to it, allows time for review and bug fixes.

A software development master class …

Y’know I’ve always said that you can drop a teacher into any management position in any company and after six weeks, they’ll turn the department around.