Add to autocorrect with right-click

It would be incredibly helpful if Scrivener could have it so that when a word is misspelled and it isn’t automatically corrected, that I could right-click on that word, and choose one of the correctly spelled words listed so that it autocorrects to that in the future every time. I should also be able to enter my own custom word.

There are so many little spelling mistakes that are specific to each person that Scrivener (and perhaps OS X as a whole, since they use the same autocorrect dictionary, right?) could learn from this way.

In fact you’re on the right track there with that aside. All of what you are talking about are features provided by OS X as a sort of “layer” on top of other programs. You should find similar behaviour and interactions between these systems in all software that enables the use of them (Apple’s free TextEdit is a good comparison).

I.e. if you want to make requests about the spelling features, Apple’s really the one to be sending these to.

Oh, I see… that’s too bad, since of course the chance that Apple will respond to my request seems low, and this would be a truly productivity-increasing boost for writers. Still, I just sent Apple a feedback request… thanks.

Maybe you misunderstood AmberV’s reply?

What you are asking for is already built into OS X. If you have enabled two-finger secondary klick on the track pad, you get exactly what you are asking for. Just two-finger tap on the miss-spelled word and you get a list of choices if it isn’t obvious what you are trying to write.

Thanks, but I think I got that part. What I was talking about is adding words that are then automatically autocorrected.

For example, suppose I always mistype “fellow” as “fyellow” for some reason. If I right-click on “fyellow,” I do indeed get “fellow” as a possible option for correction.

But I want it to be the case that every time I type “fyellow” it automatically corrects to fellow WITHOUT me having to right-click. And I want to be able to make that happen simply BY right-clicking and making that choice. This way you can easily add many hundreds of mistypings and misspellings to autocorrect, as they occur.

Microsoft Word used to have an option like this, until they foolishly removed it.

Right now to add a misspelling of this sort you have to go into System Settings > Keyboard > Text. It’s very cumbersome.

Yeah I wouldn’t expect a response from Apple to be clear, I’ve never had them respond once to anything I’ve sent in, but if enough people ask for things they might pay attention, so it doesn’t hurt.

As for correcting common typos, the “Text” tab in the System Preference: Keyboard panel might be of some use to you here. Scrivener’s auto-completion system is just that—it helps you complete things correctly spelled up to the point where you use it. But Apple’s text replacement tool lets you add things like “fyelwdo” and output “fellow” or “yellow” or whatever you need from it.

There are of course more sophisticated third-party tools that take that concept and run with it, too. I use Typinator, and TextExpander is another popular favourite.

I’m trying out Typinator, and it’s working great for this so far – thanks for the tip! I find that I can add new spelling mistakes pretty quickly with a shortcut.