Add "unique code" to index card in corkboard view

In Outliner mode, I have access to show whatever columns I want, including Meta-Data. This would be a valuable feature for me to have within the Corkboard mode as well…to be able to show this information on my Index Cards. It’s especially useful to me during the planning stages of a novel.

Below is an example:

In the planning stages of a novel, I’m creating potential scenes and putting them in Scrivener. At the same time, I’m creating paper documentation outside of Scrivener (character sheets, conflict sheets, world-building sheets, etc). I need to be able to cross-reference my Scrivener info with my paper info. Currently, how I handle this is that I create a Custom Meta-Data fields in Scrivener called ID (A unique ID I assign to that specific scene…I simply start with Capital A and proceed through Capital Z, then continue with lower case “a” and proceed through lowercase “z”, etc.). On each piece of paper documentation I write the unique ID(s) associated to it (which becomes very helpful later when I am actually writing, to allow me to quickly jump to the notes associated for that scene in any way).

Here’s where it really gets important to have that unique ID…eventually, I have enough scenes in there where I start moving them around to get the order that I might want to write them in for the novel. As I move them around, I need that unique code to stay associated to that card because my final order will not be “A” through “Z”, “a” through “z”, etc. So if I experiment and move scene “M” to the top as my opening scene, it’s very helpful to quickly be able to reference my notes on “M” in my planning paper documentation to see if that will work, or can be made to work, etc. And then once I start writing, it will be very helpful so I can quickly reference my paper documentation associated to that scene.

Currently, I can put Scrivener in Outliner mode and add this ID column and move things around and all is good. However, my preference would be to be able to do this same thing in the Corkboard view. If I could have that ID show up in one of the corners, or into the background of the card (like “First Draft” currently does or whatever), that’d be extremely useful to me. The Corkboard is much more visual for the planning stages which is more natural to how I think when I’m planning.

As a bonus - if Scrivener could assign a unique ID to each index card (document), that’d be even better since it’d take out the manual process on my end, and therefore eliminate the chances of me duplicating an ID.

Thanks ahead of time for your consideration.