Add Voice Dictation or Integrate with Dragon NS

I love Scrivener and I’m getting used to Dragon Naturally Speaking and how to do dictation. Now that I can dictate 5000 words of more per hour when I’m in the zone, it would a great thing if Scrivener could work out integration with Dragon NS or even add your own voice dictation function. It would make Scrivener so much more useful than it already is.


Dragon does work with Scrivener… sort of. You can dictate with dragon by disabling the, ‘use dictation box for unsupported applications’. You can find this in Dragon’s options. A handful of Dragon’s commands also work, but certainly not all. It would be great if there was better integration, though. Also access to text to speech would be good. There is a workaround for this, too but it would be a great feature for version 3.

Very recently I have been having an issue with Scrivener crashing while trying to use it with Dragon NS. I am using a Mac, is anyone else experiencing this issue? When it crashes I lose all of my recently inputted work.