add within document navigation

I like to see one long document after deciding where things go – but to still be able to navigate quickly to each section without scrolling.

Word has the function of clicking immediately to a different part of the document through its headers. I would like scrivener to do something like that. I have not seen any function so far that allows this in scrivener, making it even more cumbersome for me to compile a completed document.

In Scrivener, the best way to accomplish this is via the Binder. Create a separate sub-document for each outline node that you care about, use the Scrivenings view to see the whole thing as a complete draft.

If you haven’t already, it would be worth your time to review the Interactive Tutorial, available from the Help menu. It’s a good overview of the best way to accomplish common tasks like this in Scrivener.


Once you load the whole manuscript into a “scrivenings” session in the editor, and then lock the editor, clicking on any of the documents in the binder will scroll you to that document.

It’s also worth noting that the three view modes seamlessly work with the same content, and that this goes beyond simply showing the same things in their own unique ways. They work together when you switch between them. A method I use all of the time to rapidly navigate through Scrivenings is to hit the Cmd-3 shortcut (View/Outliner) which presents what I’m editing as a simple list of items that I can easily arrow through or click on to select from. Note when doing so that the section of text you were last editing in Scrivenings is selected in that view—that’s what I mean by seamless, and the same holds true in the other direction. What you select in the outliner will be scrolled to when you press Cmd-1 (View/Scrivenings). As with most lists of things on a Mac, you can also type in a few letters to jump straight to a thing starting with that name. Thus if I want to jump to a section that is within the session of text I’m working on called “Growing Better Dandelions” I press Cmd–3, tap ‘gr’ which jumps the selection down to that item, then Cmd–1.